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Pearl Magpie - Specialising in Pearl Jewellery

Welcome to Pearl Magpie and our genuine “Oyster-Grown” Pearl Jewellery. let us help you experience the wonderful exhilaration of wearing real gems created by nature. Pearls are grown for us by Marine Bi-valves in the Ocean and in a sustainable environment. Harvesting of the pearls begins the endless sorting process owing to the fact that every pearl is unique, much like humans are also truly unique (hence we 'name' ours). We, at Pearl Magpie, make the final choice of matching qualities that make up our Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and sets. creating each piece of jewellery as unique as the Pearls in their makeup.

Our re-stringing pearl service can help sort out pearls that may have been handed-down or the like. You can also choose your own Pearls from our extensive stock and design something just for yourself.

Visit our new Showroom & Workshop in Hounslow - West London, at any convenient time (only by appointment please) and let us enlighten you to the glorious qualities that keep "Pearl" jewellery as popular as ever.