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Joan Haythorne South Sea Saltwater Pearl Earrings

Featuring a large pair of "South Sea"pearls in 18k white gold stud earrings. The pearls are 13.50mm in diameter, round in shape exhibit high lustre with lovely silver overtone. These saltwater pearls are produced by the mollusc Pinctada Maxima (Silver Lip Oyster) that live in the warm waters of the Western Pacific.

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Product Specification

Product Specification

Jewellery Style Earrings
Pearl Type South Sea - Saltwater Cultured Pearl
Pearl Size 13.50mm- 14mm in diameter
Pearl Colour Whte- silver overtone
Setting 18k white gold (750)
Gift Wrapped Yes all products come gift wrapped, click here for more information
Water Type Saltwater
Pearl Origin Australia
Pearl Growth Mollusc Pinctada maxima