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Why Famous Names?

At Pearl Magpie we have attached great importance to each and every pearl we own, from the humblest freshwater baroque pink pearl to the "Queens of the Sea" like an A grade white Akoya Necklace, the stunning Black Tahitian or the mirrored surfaced South Sea Pearl. In order for us to demonstrate our pearl passion, May May decided that we should name every one of our pearls, imbuing them with personality and identity and as a tribute to their beauty regardless of their humble origins.

The innate characteristics of pearls are that of mysticism, of beauty, worth, whimsicality, of fun, costume and of course, a big “notice me” statement. Perhaps these are the same characteristics that may be used to describe the flamboyant personalities of those in the Theatre business, especially those from the "Silent" era.

We are particularly inspired by the creative devises used by Actors and Actresses in the theatre prior to "Talking Pictures" and during the 20’s & 30’s where surviving images show carefree revelers festooned with pearls and exaggerated jewellery, elongated cigarette holders and peacock feathers. Their over the top style masked the reality of pretty hard times. In design terms it was also the era characterized by the wonderful form of “Art Deco” that took Mother of Pearl to new and spectacular heights.

We believe that at Pearl Magpie, we have drawn from this well of change, of style, and of display, to pay homage to both our spectacular pearls and at the same time, the memory of entertainers past. What better way to immortalise that memory than to christen all our gems after these fascinating Theatre folk who share the same endearing,irrepressible and valued characteristics as our pearl jewellery.


* We do not mean to imply that the “Actress”, or the person after whom the item is named, has any connection with the company or the pearl jewellery item. All our pearl jewellery items are new and not second hand or vintage pieces, therefore there is no connection intended in terms of design, ownership, sponsorship, or that the named "Actress" has ever worn the item or endorsed it in any way. The naming is simply intended as a compliment and if this is inappropriate and causes anyone any discomfort the name will be removed upon request. The naming is offered in the "Spirit of Celebration".